What guarantees do I have that the inReach Network system will stay up and running?

The inReach Network system runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is a proven, reliable, fault-tolerant, scalable and highly available cloud service used by many large companies. Please reference the Security section for more information.

Is my data secure in the inReach Network?

Yes, your data in the inReach Network is secure. Below are some of the security measures included in the inReach Network system. Please reference the Security section for more information.

  • The inReach Network system is hosted and secured within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

  • Security scans are performed on the inReach Network applications to discover any potential vulnerabilities.

  • Security and virus updates are applied regularly.

  • Access to data through the inReach Network applications is strictly controlled by organization ownership, users and roles.

  • Assigned organization administrators have full control over user accounts and access levels for their organizations.

  • Data is backed up at regular intervals and saved for multiple days.

  • Numerous user login security methods are employed to ensure only authorized users have access to the inReach Network.

I’m interested in the inReach functionality and want to learn more, but don’t want to be hounded by a sales rep. How do I learn more?

To learn more about the inReach Network or request a demo, please access the Contact section of www.inreachnetwork.com. We’d be happy to explain and show you the benefits of the inReach Network. We do not use pressure selling techniques and hope you see the benefits of our system and choose to purchase it based on its merits and value.

I want to purchase the Single Provider Package (SPP) because I have PTSD dogs for veterans. How does it work?

The first step is to sign up for the inReach Network SPP package. This allows you to have a “Virtual Business Card” indicating what you have to offer and any demographic requirements (e.g. you only provide PTSD dogs to those who have served in the military). Your “Virtual Business Card” is part of your own inReach Network web site. If your offerings or requirements change you can merely update your “Virtual Business Card”.

As an SPP organization, you are automatically connected to the H.E.R.O.E.S. Care Collaborative Network. If H.E.R.O.E.S. Care finds someone in need of a PTSD dog that matches your requirements, you will be sent the individual’s electronic case file which you access through your own inReach Network web site. You can choose to provide assistance to this individual.

If you would like to be connected to additional Collaborative Networks, you can manage your network connections from your own inReach Network web site where you can see other organizations’ Virtual Business Cards. The network connections work much like Facebook in that you can reach out to a Collaborative Network to join and they must accept. Also, you may find that other Collaborative Networks have reached out to you to connect. Simply accept the connection if you choose.

I’ve purchased the Case Management module, so how do people in need request assistance?

With the Case Management module, you are provided public facing assistance request web pages that can be accessed by anyone in need. We recommend adding a link to these web pages on your home web site. When the individual completes the assistance request it will show up as a new case in your inReach Network system.

Will I need to call the inReach Network support to reset passwords or add new users?

The inReach Network is designed for self-management of users and passwords. You need to assign 2 individuals from your organization with the “Admin” role. The Admin has control of system set up, including user setup. We recommend the use of 2 Admins for your inReach Network system to ensure there is sufficient coverage in case one of the Admins is not available.

As an inReach Network user, you can easily change your own password by selecting the “My Password” drop down.

I’ve exceeded my number of users, what do I do next?

You can purchase additional bundles of users by contacting inReach Network support. Your organization’s administrators can access the inReach Network support contact information on the inReach Support page.

What do I need to purchase if I only want to manage my inventory?

In order to use the inReach Network Inventory Module, you’ll need to purchase the basic Single Provider Package (SPP) the a la carte Inventory Module. Packages can be changed at any time by contacting inReach Network support representatives.

The last software package I purchased didn’t have any training material. Is there training material available with inReach?

Interactive training videos are available on your inReach Network system on the Support screen. These training videos describe how to use the inReach Network system in detail.

What kind of reports are available? My previous system didn’t have much in the way of reports, so I really need to have a good understanding of the reporting capability.

For Case Management, you’ll have paid assistance reports so you can track what assistance has been provided based on your filter criteria. You can also create a report with all case information for a client that can be printed for your files.

If you sign up for the inReach Inventory Module (available in the Enterprise and Collaborative Provider Packages and available as an a la carte item with the Single Provider Package), you’ll have numerous inventory reports at your fingertips. These reports include general inventory reports which can be filtered and sorted, reports on donations in by donor and several reports on dispensed donations.

More importantly, we are always looking for ways to improve the inReach system and will gladly take suggestions on reports that you may need.

The charity I work for does not have capital to buy additional computers or servers. What system requirements would we need to use inReach?

To use the inReach Network you’ll need a device with a web browser, such as Chrome, and internet connectivity. We highly recommend using a device with a medium to large screen size, such as a regular sized monitor, as opposed to a phone. There is a lot of data in the system and you’ll have a much better experience on a bigger screen. inReach runs in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, so you’ll need internet access to log into your inReach Network through your browser.